A mother’s fear, a father’s rage …

Tracy Colleen McLaughlin is  full-time freelance journalist. 
For the past 25 years her stories and photographs have run in the Toronto Sun and other Post Media newspapers and websites across Canada. 
McLaughlin covers territories north of Toronto. Her area of expertise is courts, crime, and feature stories. She has covered hundreds of high-profile criminal cases. Over the years of following these cases, she has had the opportunity to get to know the victims, as well as the offenders, in her cases. Her stories strive to give readers a glimpse of the lives of these real people, the heartbreak they have endured and some of the issues in society that may have been triggering factors.

Many of her stories and photographs can be found on the Toronto Sun website or her Facebook news page. While the crime stories she covers are tragic, Mclaughlin does have a lighter side, and during her time off she is camping, (even in the winter!) paddle boarding or exploring and writing travel articles which can also be found on the Toronto Sun. 
All writing and photographs on this site are by Tracy McLaughlin unless otherwise specified.

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